03.11.2020 – Deadly knife attack, Corona news, S41/S42, Imprisonment postponements

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Deadly knife attack 1

Deadly knife attack 2

Corona news 1

Corona news 2

Corona news 3


Closures until November 6th:

  • Baumschulenweg <> Köllnische Heide <> Neukölln (S45, S46, S47)
  • Hermannstraße <> Tempelhof (S41/S42, S45, S46)

Passengers on the route Baumschulenweg <> Neukölln <> Hermannstraße are recommended to bypass the section via Treptower Park with the lines S45, S46, S8, S85 and S9 as well as S41/S42.

Closures from November 6th, 10pm to 1:30am November 9th:

  • Treptower Park <> Sonnenallee <> Neukölln <> Hermannstraße <> Tempelhof (S41/S42)
  • Baumschulenweg <> Köllnische Heide <> Neukölln <> Hermannstraße <> Tempelhof (S45, S46, S47)

For the extensive bypass of the construction site, passengers from the eastern part of the site from Ostkreuz in particular are recommended to take S-Bahn lines S3, S5 or S7 via the Stadtbahn as well as t S-Bahn lines S1, S2, S25 or S26 of the Nordsüd-S-Bahn with a change at Friedrichstraße. The U-Bahn lines U6, U7 or U8 are also recommended for traveling directly to or between Neukölln, Hermannstraße and Tempelhof stations.

Imprisonment postponements

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