Berlin Briefing is a labor of love. It will always be free for everyone.

Nevertheless, if you listen to our podcast and want to help cover costs like hosting, subscriptions and equipment you can make a small donation.

If you chose to support us monthly, you can do so via Patreon (or if you have a German bank account you can set up a “Dauerauftrag” or recurring payment). One-time contributors can use Paypal or send donations directly to our bank account. Those helping out with 15 Euros or more, which amounts to about what it costs us to produce 7 episodes, will receive a BB recycled cotton tote as a thank you. If you are so generous, please shoot us an email (berlinbriefing {at} gmail {dot} com) or social media private message with your mailing address.

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Bank Transfer

  • Albert Menacher
  • IBAN: DE94 7419 1000 0007 1259 50
  • Please mention “Berlin Briefing” or “BB” in the purpose. You can also provide your mailing address in this way in case you are donating more than 15€ and would like to receive a tote bag.